Gondwana is a continent covered in lush rain forests,vast savannas,dense marshes, and great mountain ranges. Many of the races of Gondwana live in hunter and gather societies. There are five great chiefdoms each with a capital city that stand above all of the other villages. While life on Gondwana has never been easy, the tribes of Gondwana have thrive for centuries. However since the rise of new moon in the sixth cycle of the year,the usual plentiful Gondwana is starting to suffering from famine,plague,and war.With the dry season starting,this could spell disaster for all in Gondwana. The villages have been finding their game disappearing and their forests barren. There have been sighting of strange and gluttonous animals that are devouring both plant and beast. From the western marshes, a powerful lizardman tribe called the Dark Talon are on war the path. A Medicine Man(Druid), Istaqa, has been requesting villages to send their champions,mages, and hunters to the chiefdom Halloka in order to find a solution.

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